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Why edencybernetics.life?

I want to increase human potential, individuality, and harmony through the medium of cybernetics

So..what is edencybernetics.life?

Basically, I build robots that kinda suck in an attempt to evolve a robot that is actually good! Eventually I want robots that can garden for people, which is why eden is in the name.

Current/Future Projects

Product/Project History

Telepresence Bot (Fall 2014)

Telepresence Bot

Humanoid Skeleton with Pneumatic Muscles (Spring 2015)

humanoid model

BB8 (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

I wanted to build a BB8 for the first new Starwars Launch. The build was behind schedule, over budget, and the head kept falling of. It was very educational and fun though!


AI Daemon (Summer/Fall 2016)

Eventually, the AI personality became divorced from the BB8 robot itself and the project took on a life of its own and I had launched a kickstarter for the project.

kickstarter project

A Follow Me Camera Bot (Spring 2017)

I developed a very simple robot with a single axis of rotation that can make a laptop with a webcam follow a person when they move out of frame (left or right)


I put that project blueprints and code up on my website and sold a few copies!

The Dragon Robot (Summer 2017)

This was an experiment to see how far I could take my design skills.

I added a smart phone to the face and used it to get the robot to talk and control the Bluetooth motor drivers in the neck.

Dragon Drawing Dragon Real

The spider bot (Summer 2017)

I began work on a spider robot, but it was too complex and became a dead end.

The IndieGoGo Launch. (Summer 2017)

On July 14, 2017 I had my first significant entrepreneurial success. I built motor mount that can move around the popular Structure Sensor on a 2d axis.

The launch netted me $228 in revenue, $96 of which is in donations for open sourcing the project.

2 people bought the product.

The structure sensor costs > $300. This means that I could only market the device to people who already owned the structure sensor.

The TY Beanie Baby Robot. (Summer 2017)

Interested in a mechatronic/robotics build?

Hire me by sending an email to collinalexbell@[googles mail service]